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What we’re about

Regeneration Inspired by Nature Connection

Regeneration is the action or processes to restore and maintain the vitality and health of a system, including human, social and natural systems.

Our Purpose: Take the Green Pill: Shift from Wellness to Regeneration

Our group is for people who want to co-create social experiences with others that deepen their relationship and emotional connection with nature and develop a regenerative life – while having green creative fun through expressive EcoArt. ( No experience needed.)

Why we get together

Many of us feel exhausted, demoralized, struggle with cognitive fatigue, social isolation and loss of friends or family, or eco-anxiety.

Ecotherapy (also called nature therapy or green therapy) and nature-based personal development activities are growing in popularity. In Canada some physicians are starting to prescribe nature to help with mental, emotional and physical health challenges such as depression, anxiety and burnout.

EcoArt provides us with non-verbal ways to communicate and express ourselves creatively. No art experience or art skills are required.

What you will do here

  • Re-connect with your regenerative self, others and nature
  • Regenerate you mental, emotional and physical health through non-competitive interaction with nature
  • Collectively, address nature deficit challenges and eco-anxiety by learning new skills and knowledge on how to improve nature connection and our relationship with nature
  • Walking Studio: Do individual and group art outdoors to creatively express your experiences of nature
  • Meet new people, forge friendships and develop eco-positive networks
  • Learn how to generate nature positive digital and metaverse content
  • Be inspired to create nature positive and earth friendly lifestyle technologies, such as NFTs and business models

Please note:
For those unable to participate in outdoor activities, there will be opportunities for indoor activities (including virtual).

How our group works:

  • Each month we will offer a monthly guided ecotherapy walk with Lee Chase, a certified Positive Ecotherapy Practitioner.
  • Each event will focus on a ecotherapy challenge through outdoor activities combined with ecoart