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Wed. June 12 - Come to a FREE HAI Workshop

Hosted by Jason W. and Chas A.
From Ecstatic Singles: San Francisco

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Description: A 2 hour experiential workshop (exercises & group sharing, rather than lecture) to explore ways of increasing intimacy in our lives; communication tools to take to family, workplace, casual relationships and partnerships.

Attending a mini workshop is a great way to get a taste of what HAI (The Human Awareness Institute) has to offer in our personal workshops with these key themes:

~ Love, intimate and sexual relationships.

~ Partnership, communication and being happy with others.

~ Improving body image to improve your relationships.

~ Making the right relationship choices for you.

~ Finding love, being honest and creating intimacy.

~Safety: How can we create safety around us so that we can be ourselves, where our vulnerability will be honored?

~Choice: How often do we relinquish our choice and do "what is expected of us? The workshop helps us examine our relationships to choice, how we can increase our awareness of choice, and expand our choices in our day-to-day lives.

~Communication: The exercises look at focus, active listening, responding without fixing and sharing quality time. Intimacy: What is love, What is Intimacy? What are we saying when we hug? What is the person saying who is hugging us? How can we make a space of safety for people to express themselves?


HAI Global

**HAI welcomes adults of all sexual orientations and gender identifications**


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    Be Late Coming Work Sf

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    WIll TRy !!!! MAYBE !!!
    HAving Car PRoblems...

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    Is there anyone coming from San Ramon area..
    WOuld there be Carpooling for this ???

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