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Hey folks, whether you are bad at small talk, can't get a girl, and are on the road to dying alone, or you already ooze charisma but think you can sharpen up your empathy skills, this is the meetup group for you.

There are so many different ways to communicate with other people that we never even think about because we fall into our default patterns, and even if you watch a youtube video on how to interact differently it is too hard to practice a new way of relating on strangers. There is too much going on at once. In these workshops we will isolate micro-approaches to making conversations more interesting, spiking people's emotions, bantering, asking more interesting questions, talking about ourselves engagingly, telling our stories and anecdotes, educating others without lecturing them, not being a boring interviewer, and what have you.

The workshops are FREE, why? Because I'm just that swell a dude I guess.

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