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We are runners who love to run trails together. We are led from within. Every member can post a run or activity. We do not coach or compete. We encourage and support. Every person, every pace. We run dirt trails, with the exception of paved or bridge connectors to other dirt trails. Posted runs are all about the dirt. Unless there's snow. Then, it's about snow, too. #allthetrails

Upcoming events (5+)

Monday Campfire Run!

Alfred H Savage Centre

Three run groups offer fast, mid-pack and social paces. Join the group you want. Every age welcome. High fives, dirt and smiles shared by everyone! Bring something to share for around the campfire - half-opened bags of chips or cookies from the cupboard are fine. Runners eat everything. #everypersoneverypace #notjustabouttherun

Wednesday Lunch Run! 12:05pm!!

Emily Murphy Park

Take a mid-day break for a run on trails right below the university. Start together with heys and hellos, run your pace, finish with high fives and goodbyes. Make every Thursday a run day.

Thursday Morning Run!

Kinsmen sport centre

Who needs a day job when you can run? Join us for a steady pace around the Kinsmen trails. We may even explore places you've never been! Everyone welcome. Honestly.

Saturday Snakes and Ladders

Starbucks Wolf Willow

Saturday's run is perfect for new and familiar faces, done in a loop that is just right for encouragement and high-fives. Hydrate with everyone @ Starbucks afterward. #everypersoneverypace #highhumour #lowdrama

Past events (463)

30 Minute Bootcamp for Runners!

Alfred H Savage Centre

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