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June 6, 2023 - Martin Stares - Business Use of ChatGPT

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***NOTE: This is not the same branch we had our April meeting***

Edmonton Public Library - Jasper Place branch
9010 156 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5R 5X7

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6:30-7:30pm Martin Stares - Business Use of ChatGPT

# Business Use of ChatGPT
## Chat GPT capabilities
* Very quick introduction to ChatGPT
* How it differs from Google; prompts and conversations; limitations.

## Prompt engineering
We can get ChatGPT to do many things for us if we know how to ask properly. This is called prompt engineering. This section shows some of the richness of prompt engineering.

## Building solutions with ChatGPT
* Capabilities are not solutions
* The media gives us a lot of use-cases, but are they valuable? We critique some examples to see whether they are chasing technology or providing real value.

* case study of an advisory system, combining my expertise and ChatGPT’s expertise.
* inputs needed from BA and SME
* model ChatGPT conversations
* how to move from manual to digital solutions.

Speaker Bio:
Martin Stares is a long time digital solutions designer. He has been a developer, information architect and user centered designer, and now writes and talks about deep design principles.

Over the years, he has worked in pre-sales and consulting. In these roles, he has helped companies understand and adopt new waves of technology, and is now doing the same with ChatGPT.

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