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What we’re about

Our goal is to educate and support people going through divorce or separation so that they can better plan and protect themselves as they transition into their new lives. Many catastrophes  can be avoided when you are well informed and prepared. 

We host educational legal and financial workshops, group counseling, and social events, in Los Angeles.

You will not be solicited for business. Our events are free of charge, or at a minimal fee to cover our costs. 

All our professional lecturers and organizers volunteer their times to make our events possible. 


We strive to create a safe environment for our members. This is not a dating site. We request our members refrain from contacting other members for dating purposes. Please be safe, and do not provide your contact information to members you have never met. Contact your host immediately if you encounter any issues with any member, and appropriate measures will be taken, including terminating membership benefits.


As a courtesy to people on waiting list, we ask that you update your RSVP in the event you can no longer make it to an event. Any member who RSVPs and does not show up more than two times without notifying the host, will see his or her membership benefits terminated.