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What we're about

Eanes ISD parents who want to come up with creative ways to help our children enjoy school more while still remaining competitive academically. This group will create a social contract between the school and the parents. We will figure out and advocate for the implementation of best practices to ensure that our children are given an adequate and fair education within Eanes that is fair for 504, special ed, busy children without disabilities, and our teachers. My hope is that the administration can guide us with financial limitations and support creative ways around those limitations.

We believe that all children should be given the same opportunity, diagnosed or not, to a calmer, more planned, inclusive, education system. We will end a fragmented guilt ridden system and come up with a way to make this work for all of us. We will support this financially and with our time so that our children can enjoy their educational experience and help make the world a better place.

The problem:

I was told by someone who works with the 504s that his job was to protect the kids without disabilities from the kids with disabilities. This is not only contrary to federal law, but divides us. I have three children: one 504, one special ed (speech), and one without any diagnosis. I want what is fair for all my children. Every child deserves the right and has the responsibility to positively contribute to society no matter their learning style. For example, my 504 child needs advance notice on tests and quizzes so she can adequately learn the material due to her learning disability. I realized that this not only can help her, but can help all children learn best. Any child who is busy with sports or whose parents work could also benefit. The 504 coordinator was right in a way. He understood the real problem. All families need this protection. Two out of three of my children are federally protected, but it makes sense for everyone to be granted the same access to a reasonably calm family life. Too much stress is not good for our children's developing brains and cramming is not good for long term learning. We can come together to find a better way.

For parents of children without disabilities:

20% of our children have dyslexia. The 504 plans should read similarly for all our children. Only around 10% of the children with dyslexia are given 504 plans. Almost 16% are diagnosed medically with some sort of learning disability, but the Texas Education Association (TEA) arbitrarily capped the percentage at 8.5%. Eanes went along with this cap. They have no support system for middle school and high school students outside of the 504 if they are not formally enrolled in the Special Ed system. Teachers are not funded for 504 plans, and are allowed to individually come up with their own guidelines on how to help our kids.

Because our 504 children are not adequately supported, it takes valuable attention away from our non-diagnosed children. The current system places much of the unfunded burden for 504 support on the individual teachers. It wastes time and resources. Everybody loses.

We are creative, intelligent and dedicated parents, teachers, and administrators who can come together for a positive change.

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