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Digital Privacy At The Texas Legislature

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Digital Privacy At The Texas Legislature


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Our speaker this month is Kathy Mitchell. Kathy Mitchell is a former board member of EFF-Austin and has advocated for digital privacy, justice and police accountability at the Texas lege for roughly 20 years. She now works for Just Liberty, a bipartisan nonprofit dedicated to justice reform, from arrest to re-entry. Just Liberty worked with the ACLU of Texas, industry lobbyists and EFF-Austin to craft a bill implementing the warrant for cell phone location data required by Carpenter in 2018. That bill failed to pass due to last minute lobbying by Google and FB, but HB 3363 did pass in 2021.

Every two years when the Texas Legislature is in session, EFF-Austin checks in with Kathy to discuss bills related to digital rights and privacy. Current digital privacy issues for the 88th Lege could include regulating ALPRs, health information privacy, cyberbullying laws, government cybersecurity and more. We encourage you to attend so that you can be informed about what your representatives may be voting on, such that you can reach out and let them know how you feel about the bills they are considering.

Capital Factory is located at 701 Brazos Street, on the 1st floor of the Omni Hotel. We are in the Devvie meeting room. To locate Devvie, locate Capital Factory's main event room off the Omni lobby, Voltron, Suite 150. Once inside, there should be someone at the desk to direct you to our meetup, but, if no one is there, proceed to the left past the kitchen and down the hallway, Devvie is right around the corner. You may also message us on this event or message us at @EFFaustin on Twitter or @effaustin on Mastodon if you are having trouble finding us. Please note that the room will be locked and EFF-Austin will not have access until 10-15 minutes before 7:00pm CST. We will try to have someone in the Omni lobby earlier than that in front of the Voltron doors to greet you if you arrive early, but otherwise just wait in the lobby until you are let in.

Talk will be livestreamed at and will later be archived at Questions for the speaker from virtual attendees may be submitted via the Youtube livestream chat, our Twitter account, @EFFaustin, or our Mastodon account, @effaustin.

Parking for the Omni Garage can be validated at the Capital Factory front desk inside room Voltron, Suite 150, reducing the cost to $8. If no one is at the desk, check with EFF-Austin meetup organizers, we can provide you with one. Attendees must park after 5pm and leave before 10pm to receive the discount, otherwise they will be charged full price, which is $3.25 for every 30 minutes. Affordable street park is also available nearby. Details:

Join us for the discussion from 7:00PM-9:00PM, followed by drinks and camaraderie from 9:00PM-10:00PM in the Omni Hotel lobby.

COVID-19 safety measures
Event will be indoors
Our Covid safety protocols will be whatever Capital Factory and the City of Austin's are on the date of this event. You should check with their official policy on the date of to make sure it matches with your personal risk profile.
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701 Brazos Street Suite 150 · Austin, TX