EADC Social with Niel Bowerman (July 24th)

This is a past event

9 people went

Teaism Penn Quarter

400 8th St NW · Washington, DC

How to find us

When you come in, there will be stairs on your right and a cashier to your left. Go down the stairs to find us in the basement. Geoffrey Yip is the point of contact and will put up an Effective Altruism sign to mark the table.

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Teaism Penn Quarter is a casual restaurant by Metro Center and Gallery Place metro stops. It is accessible by Silver, Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green lines.

Many vegetarian + vegan options. Menu here: https://www.teaism.com/images/restaurant/view_menu/40_1560549033_pq_print_menu_06-14-19.pdf

Please note there is a Teaism Restaurant and a Teaism Tea Shop next to each other. We will be in the restaurant, NOT the tea shop.


Niel Bowerman is an AI Policy Specialist for 80000 hours. He was a co-founder of the Centre for Effective Altruism, former Assistant Director of Oxford University's Future of Humanity Institute, and has a DPhil (equivalent to a PhD) from Oxford University in climate physics.

About Us:

Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement that applies evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world. Effective altruists aim to consider all causes and actions, and then act in the way that brings about the greatest positive impact. It is this broad evidence-based approach that distinguishes effective altruism from traditional altruism or charity. While a substantial proportion of effective altruists have focused on the nonprofit sector, the philosophy of effective altruism applies much more broadly, e.g., to prioritizing the scientific projects, companies, and policy initiatives which can be estimated to save and improve the most lives.

Effective Altruism DC (EADC) is a Centre for Effective Altruism-affiliated group in Washington, D.C. Our mission is to foster a community of people who use their time and money to help others in the most effective ways possible, and our membership is comprised of professionals and students from a wide range of backgrounds.