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Have you ever been in a conversation thinking your partner is not listening to you?

Have you ever been in a conversation in which you were not able to listen?

Do you know at least one person you speak with only about the weather and the traffic?

Did you ever want to communicate and did your best but you failed?

How can you get in touch to get what you want?

How do others like or dislike you?

What 's the primitive secret behind communication and connection?

What 's the primitive secret behind the success?

Effective communication leads to a better life as it is applied in every interaction and every interaction matters. In every aspect of life, in the workplace, in the social environment, at personal development, the art of communication is a charismatic qualification.

This is a group for everyone who is decided to get the response he wants, to be an achiever, to be a leader in any field. In this group, we will improve our verbal and nonverbal communication skills and we will practice empathy through them. This group is open to your suggestions, your questions, your needs. Let 's connect.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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