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Eat, Exercise and Love for Arts & Crafts (ELA) is the new face of our long term journey towards a well-balanced lifestyle.

Our supporting brands to complete our Meet-up Group:

Passbook Digital (Travel and Learn)
FB Page: www.facebook.com/passbookdigital
Travel, Activities and Experience the wonders of food trips and preps. (Local and International)

Entrepreneurs on the Move (EOM Collaboration)
FB Group: www.facebook.com/groups/entrepreneursonthemoveworldwide
FB Page: www.facebook.com/entrepreneursonthemoveofficial
Learn new ideas in business, arts and crafts, plus charity. Creating new interesting stuff from scrap or indigenous materials makes our work of art activities exciting!

Natural Weight Loss Philippines (Health and Fitness)
Website: www.ketogenicdiet.ph
Health is your passport to an enjoyable journey for long life. Our Keto Community aims to bring together all all fitness-inclined people who wants to either lose those unwanted fats naturally, feel lighter and better.

If we have the same interests and hobbies, this is our group.

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Photography Walk

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How to Start a Diet Plan and Stick To It

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Keto-friendly Food and Other Essentials

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Losing Weight w/ Lifestyle Change

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