What we're about

The eLearning Raleigh Meetup group helps people to create, publish, and promote, and run online courses. Our primary objective is to allow e-Learning developers to meet and exchange ideas and best practices on how to create successful live and stored courses that are on the Internet. The topics we cover include:

eLearning Industry - Online training business topics - key trends, and business models.
eLearning Platforms - Learning management systems - LMS, key features and operation..
Online Course Development - Objectives, planning, and development.
Live Online Courses - How to setup and run live online courses using platforms and video conference options.
Online Course User Experience - Reviewing, analyzing, and identifying key UX for LMS.
eLearning Course Content Production - The types of media for online courses (video, audio, images, and text) and ways to produce the content.
Online Course Marketing- How to promote and sell online courses..
e-Learning Best Practices - Rules, templates, and processes that help to make effective courses.
eLearning Business - setting up, acquiring, running, and selling eLearning businesses.

Whether you want to learn how to create one free online course about an interesting topic or you want to develop multiple courses for business, come to our sessions to learn how to make them engaging and effective.

Past events (15)

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