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What we’re about

AWAKE: Oneness Tribe is a non-profit organization based in metropolitan Chicago. Our goal is to nourish a loving, accepting and open-minded conscious community of members who are eager to learn and grow together. Further, by acting as a bridge, we connect our members to spiritual, religious and wellness resources, endeavoring to champion and represent the various elements of the Chicagoland ‘mind, body, spirit’ community.


This Tribe is a place where seekers in the local community can come together, be heard, be seen, and be valued. AWAKE acknowledges the importance of being part of an open-minded community of people who are eager to learn and grow together.


The three guiding principles of this group:

  1. To form a local nucleus of like-minded individuals dedicated to mental, physical and spiritual development.
  2. Embrace diversity in ALL forms as an essential component of our growth and development as a collective.
  3. Apply the highest standards of excellence to our conduct not only with fellow Tribe members but with the world-at-large." Be the change you hope to see in the world!"