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Many changes are happening in the Wiccan and Pagan communities these days. Years ago, Covens were the main way to be involved with a few Solitary Practitioners to be found. As the Craft has "come out of the broom closet" more information is available than ever before. What does not seem to be there is the sense of Spiritual Community we had all those years ago. We have many wonderful social outlets these days. They serve a tremendous purpose and it is a blessing they exist.

However, as times evolve, it seems fair to say our community can evolve as well. What we have created with this meet up is "Congregational Wicca", a place where people can join together, learn and grow as individual spiritual beings while understanding the basics to build their own foundation. We hope that this idea will find others with a similar interest in joining in a spiritual community.

Our meetup format is:

-Meet and Greet
-Short grounding meditation
-Open discussion and Q&A on the meet up topic
-Short break
-Circle based on the meet up topic (This is a learning circle where all of the steps and symbolism involved in the circle are explained).

The discussions are founded in Wiccan teachings of many traditions as well as some philosophy and theology from Buddhism, Shamanism, Transcendentalism and wherever else we may find inspiration. Please join us on this journey.

Upcoming events (2)

Full Moon Discussion and Ritual: Living Life in Balance

• What we'll do During the first hour we will be discussing Living Life in Balance. - What does the spring equinox teach us about balance? - How do we balance the light and dark in our lives? - How to use ritual to balance our lives. - And more During the second hour we will create a ritual together to manifest what is within our will and desire. Please join us. As always there is no cost. • What to bring Bring and open mind, ideas to share, tools or ritual items (robes are welcome) and whatever else you personally practice with. Or just bring yourself, sit back and take everything in. • Important to know Center of the Elemental Spirit is a place for Solitary Practitioners to learn from one another and use the incredible energy produced by group work. You, the Solitary Witch have the freedom to be and believe what you hold dear and to share that with others. Enjoy the company of like mined people as we gather in community to enhance our lives. Do to the space limitations, the Meetup limits to 13 people. If you end up on the "wait list" and really want to attend, please show up and we will do everything we can to make room (and hey, it's MeetUp. We do get no shows).

Honoring your Goddess Within: Maiden, Mother and Crone ceremonies

Where are you when working with your Goddess within and without? Join us on Saturday, April 27th starting at 3:00 pm to become one with your true self. We will be doing 3 ceremonies for the women of our community. This is a FREE event though donations to help cover the costs of bringing this event to life are most welcome. Maiden: Are you a younger Goddess (18+ please)? Are you just discovering your abilities in Wicca? Do you feel drawn to the playful nature of the Maiden Goddess within you? Are you ready to be recognized as the beautiful Maiden you are and connect with the Goddesses who will teach and show you the way? Be part of our Maiden ritual as we recognize the person you are and the Goddess you are becoming. This ritual is very much designed for the younger (and next) generation of Witches and wise ones. We recommend if you are 18-26 (a guideline, not a rule) and are coming in to your own true self that you be part of this celebration of the energy and beauty if the Maiden. To be included in the ritual as a maiden and recognized before the Goddesses, please send an email to [masked] Please note, everyone is welcome to attend and witness this wonderful ritual. Mother: Do you have a child? Do you have Children? Do you tend to be the mother figure to those around you? Then come and be recognized for giving the gift of life to others. We will introduce you to the Goddesses of Motherhood and those who have been instrumental in the caring and protection of children. This is your ritual. All mothers (weather biologically or through the actions they take for others) are welcome. Celebrate the gifts you bring to the Earth by being part of the ones recognized this day as the Mother aspect of the Goddess. To be included in the ritual as a mother and recognized before the Goddesses, please send an email to [masked] Please note, everyone is welcome to attend and witness this wonderful ritual. Crone: You Are you the wise one who others turn yo in times of need? Are you to a point where you are reflecting on all you have done in your life and the work yet to do? Are you the elegant elder who seeks to share her knowledge with all who choose to receive it? Then we honor you as the one who has spent her lifetime learning, teaching and giving. You, the crone hold a special place in the hearts of the Goddesses and it is our privilege to recognize this in you. We would ask that this be a ritual for our communities elders and limit the participants to those 50+. Recognize yourself for all you have done and be recognized by the Goddess as well. To be included in the ritual as a Crone and recognized before the Goddesses, please send an email to [masked] Please note, everyone is welcome to attend and witness this wonderful ritual. We invite the entire Wiccan, Pagan, Witch and Earth Based Spiritualist community to attend these rituals as we honor our living Goddesses. Please join us and be with like minded souls as we gather in community and celebration. THE RITUALS ARE ALSO OPEN TO THOSE IN OUR COMMUNITY WHO ARE TRANSGENDERED, GENDER NEUTRAL INDIVIDUALS, ETC. There will be socializing before and after the rituals. Those who choose to may bring and wear ritual clothing (robes, ritual dresses, etc.) or feel free to come as you are. Any questions or ideas? Contact Marty at [masked] or (630)[masked]

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