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What we’re about

Centered Nest is a community healing collective created with the culture of collaboration, integrity, mindfulness, and open-hearted exchange. We are an intentional gathering of empirical and spiritual teachings and practices, offered through a variety of personal healing sessions and community gatherings, intended to support and encourage healing and awakening to the liberated self.

Centered Nest is a lifelong dream of co-founders Rebecca Sherrick and Elloquay E Kyni. They are each teachers and alternative medicine healers, blending an immersive experience with Peruvian Shamanism, Sufi Mysticism, Christ-Consciousness Compassion, Reiki, Hypnotism, Jungian Psychology, Divine Communication, Sacred Sound Healing, Light Language as well as Buddhist, Hindu and Vedantic wisdom. Years of deep personal healing, transformation and training to be of service have provided Elloquay and Rebecca the capacity to offer to others a container of healing and transformation. Each has their own personal healing practice working privately with individuals, couples and families, and have been teaching classes and workshops for many years.

Providing opportunities for personal healing, learning and gathering of community, Centered Nest offers zoom experiences as well as in person gatherings. As our nest grows, there will be a variety of teachers and practitioners offering a host of healing modalities, and opportunities to engage in community.

We are participation driven, meaning that you showing up matters to the health and well being of the community. You are invited to come as you are. You yourself are what you are looking for anyway, so come as you are. We are all traveling the healing journey and you will be met where you are on your healing path.

We welcome all! The only requirements to participate in Centered Nest are authenticity, curiosity and an open-heart.

Please do not let money be the obstacle that keeps you out of The Nest. Our private sessions and community gatherings are offered by donation or on a variable investment basis.

Join us as we gather together to heal with each other, learn from one another and share our brilliance and experiences for the benefit of ourselves and the community!

Why create a collaborative healing collective?
Human beings are communal by nature. We thrive in encouraging environments of learning and work, family and relationship. Without healthy, nurturing connection we can get stressed, fatigued, worn down and weary.  On the healing journey, it is so helpful, and often more joyous, to share the road with others also healing and awakening. In truth, without others also doing their own personal work that you can relate to and reflect with, it can be incredibly difficult to get very far in your own healing. Community supports your journey, provides opportunity for you to support others in theirs, and offers a container for shared experiences of remembering and awakening.

Our prayer:
We honor the living energy and wisdom that has brought us to this place of unfoldment in Centered Nest. We answer her call as she gathers all who are meant to be held and to hold within the energetic weaving of this great Centered Nest.

For more information about Elloquay, her classes, healings, teachings, and downloadable guided meditations, please visit

For more information about Rebecca, her classes, healings, teachings, & one-on-one work, please visit Starfire

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