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• Basics of Physical layer and RF in Wi-Fi (45 min)

• Networking Tea Break (10 min)

• Setting Up a Wireless Access Point (20 min)

• Low Cost Wi-Fi for IOT (20 min)

• Sniffing Wi-Fi Packets using Wireshark (20 min)

• Open Slot (20 min)

Basics of Physical layer and RF in WiFi

Speaker: Ashok Govindarajan

Talk duration : 45 minutes

This talk is about giving an overview of the Over the air(OTA) transmission

and also the role played by the physical layer in a WiFi setting

• Flow of signal in a typical handset through the Antenna, RF and PHY

• Basics of PHY and RF

• PHY and RF in WiFi

Setting Up Wireless Access Point

Speaker: Vipinkumar

This is a talk about setting up a wireless station and an AP on a Linux target board. It covers

Talk Duration : 20 Mins

Loading WiFi drivers

• WiFi station in open authentication

• WiFi station with authentication

• WiFi Access Point

Low cost WiFi for IOT

Speaker: Gokul Sriram

Talk Duration : 20 Mins

This is deals about building a low cost wireless IOT nodes with a micro-controller. It covers

* Using Nuttx, a Linux like RTOS

* ESP8226, an serial AT based low cost WiFi module

* UART programming to bring-up WiFi Node

Sniffing WiFi Packets using Wireshark

Speaker: Jeevanandham

Talk Duration : 20 Mins

This talk is about using Wireshark to analyze the WiFi packets.

• Wireshark and it's installation

• Using Wireshark to sniff any packet

• Applying Filters to sniff wireless packets