Using Ember.js to build Electron apps and real-time interactive presentations


Join us for our February meetup. We have two great speakers lined up for you:

- Tim Thomas: Building Electron apps with Ember.js
- Gavin Joyce: Presenting "ember-present" (EmberConf preview)

## Building Electron apps with Ember.js ##

Tim (@timgthomas) from Vectra AI will share his experiences using Ember and Electron to create desktop apps.

The web’s biggest strength is that it’s universal: build a web site, and anyone with a browser and connection can access it. Desktop apps, however, have long been off-limits to web developers…but times change. Today, more and more apps are built with web technologies, and the benefits are many. In this talk, you’ll learn how to use the tools and languages you already know to build rich, fully-featured desktop apps!

## Presenting "ember-present" (EmberConf preview) ##

Gavin (@gavinjoyce) from Intercom will be presenting "ember-present", a new Ember addon for building interactive real-time ember presentations. This addon will power his interactive EmberConf talk "Smartphone Symphony" in March.

Looking forward to see you there 🙌