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What we’re about

A place without judgment or competition, the circle journeys are held for women of all ages and backgrounds who long for a deeper relationship with themselves and others through embodied practices and community. <br>We embrace nurture, care and humor as the vital ingredients for meaningful connections to occur. The journeys are an opportunity for each participant to be seen, received, respected and celebrated in her uniqueness. <br>We celebrate difference of opinion, not knowing and diversity.

Together we will <br>* Learn to recognize, honor and decode the intelligent messages that our bodies are constantly sending us <br>*Strengthen our abilities to stay in touch with ourselves while we relate to others

*Make friends with different types of seeing and knowing <br>*Learn what safety feels like in the body and how to allow intimacy in <br>*Feel our blocks and creatively respond to our shadows with curiosity and lightness

We will invite the spirit of possibility and play through a variety of therapeutic structures that may involve breath, movement, solo inquiry work, group work, touch if appropriate. Participation is at all times voluntary. All offerings will be made in response to the emerging needs of the group.

The circle will be facilitated by Mahab Kazmi , the creator of Embodied Journey's. She has been working with the body for over a decade through a variety of body based modalities. She offers individual Body-psychotherapy and group work in London and France. <br> <br>• Important to know <br>please contact me directly if you have any existing mental health conditions to make sure the work will be suitable for you <br>