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We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, but spiritual beings on a human journey. Our highest tribute to this journey is to live a joyous, inspired, and fulfilled life.

Children of Infinity is a non-denominational nonprofit dedicated to raising human consciousness and aligning humanity with Purpose, Joy, Love, and Service.

The attunement to higher consciousness begins with a better worldview. The core problems that afflict our planet – fear, disharmony, confusion, and greed – are manifestations of problematic worldviews. Current prevailing worldviews – Scientific Materialism and Religion – are both inadequate. Scientific Materialism sees human life as an accident, thus denying all spiritual phenomena. Religion requires faith in beliefs without offering any framework for validating and refining them, a core limitation that leads to dogma, disharmony, conflict, and violence.

Our organization promotes the progressive worldview of Scientific Spirituality, a discipline that seeks to integrate Science and Spirituality in holistic yet rational ways. Scientific Spirituality leads to an evidence-based model of reality that is open to research and refinement. To learn more about this worldview, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI37-psjtE4

Community Resources
Our organization is dedicated to distilling the essence of spiritual wisdom and making it accessible to the community. The research includes philosophical works dating back thousands of years, from Vedantic times in ancient India to the latest advances in Quantum Mechanics.

The foundational material for our teachings is available here: https://childrenofinfinity.org/recommendations/

To make our teachings digestible, we have created free video courses available here: https://childrenofinfinity.org/courses-2/

Join us in this global effort to transform fear into love, strife into harmony, and suffering into joy.

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Creating a spiritual home: Our community vision

Online event

Join here: https://youtu.be/neRUIq-CsT0
Sign-up for volunteering: www.cutt.ly/lwl

Three qualities differentiate a community from a group:
1. Mutual concern: Members of a true community care about each other. In contrast, members of a group share a common interest, but not necessarily concern for each other.
2. Shared values: These define the identity and the ideological boundary of a community. People who do not share these values do not fit in the community.
3. Structure of progression: A community provides a clear path of growth through roles. At a bare minimum, the three community roles include Visitor, Member, and Leader. Through the progression, people express higher internal growth and correspondingly, higher responsibilities.
A visitor may attend events but has no emotional investment in the community.
A member is part of the community and enjoys communal sharing.
A leader provides value to the community through knowledge and service.

This progression is sometimes described using ‘Inner rings’. The growth is represented by going from outer rings (which represent minimal involvement) to inner rings.

The core purpose of our community is spiritual growth. We view spirituality in a broader context as a way to manifest Source Energy through a physical incarnation. This manifestation includes experiencing well-being and joy.

As we work to raise the consciousness of our planet, leaders who can serve with a purity of intent are needed more than ever. Children of Inifinity is creating a leadership program to equip you with the mindset and tools needed to lead in this crucial time of transition.

Please join us to learn more about our vision for the spiritual community and how you can contribute to the movement.

The sign-up sheet for volunteers and leaders is here: www.cutt.ly/lwl

Honoring your body as a temple of the Divine

Online event

Join here: https://youtu.be/VS5PZ5C-PEs
In most spiritual traditions, the body is relegated to a lower nature. This dualistic approach immediately causes problems because it dishonors the very vessel that is needed to take us to our highest potential as well as spiritual enlightenment.

In this workshop will talk about how to honor our body and treat it with care and respect. In particular, we will touch upon the research on nutrition, rest, movement, and sexual expression, along with the spiritual perspective of non-duality that empowers us to honor our physicality instead of rejecting it.

To prepare for this workshop, watch this video: https://childrenofinfinity.org/lessons/part-one-spiritual-research/

About the speaker: Dr. K Narayan has a PhD in Quantum Mechanics. His passion is to integrate ideas from both Science and Spirituality to transform our lives.

This is a free workshop organized by Children of Infinity. The workshop will be followed by questions and answers.

Understanding the journey of an incarnation

Online event

Join here: https://youtu.be/yxaNxJQpLOQ
The spiritual journey begins with the understanding that we are not bodies, but eternal beings experiencing physical reality for growth. Each chapter in this learning is marked by the birth and death of the physical body, called an incarnation.

While reincarnation has been well researched in near-death experiences and past life regression, it has yet to become common spiritual knowledge.

A study of reincarnation raises fundamental questions about the human journey:
1. Why do we incarnate?
2. What is pre birth planning?
3. How does free will work? How does it contrast with pre birth planning?
4. What kind of guidance is available on the physical journey?
5. What happens if the incarnation goes wrong?
6. Why do bad things happen to good people?
7. Are seemingly horrible experiences chosen by us?
8. How are incarnations connected with each other?
9. Does the incarnational cycle ever end? If it does, when?

Join us to explore these questions in depth. The workshop will be followed by Q&A.

Living with Joy: An invitation

Online event

Join here: https://youtu.be/TjEr2Q6Ah30
As we grow in our spiritual understanding, we realize that we are timeless beings who create incarnations just as artists create art forms. More information about this perspective is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPi-w7FpPSs. From this higher perspective, pursuing our highest joy is an expression of our true being, because our joy is part of our soul signature.

Unfortunately, our current mass understanding stands in the way of pursuing joy. This includes ignorance about our spiritual nature, human-made forces such as market and mass media, as well as our own fears and insecurities.

Join us for a webinar about pathways of pursuing joy. The webinar will be followed by a discussion and Q&A session.

This is a free webinar organized by Practical Spirituality.

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Aligning with your life purpose

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