What we're about

Tech has always moved fast, but we're living in uniquely halcyon times right now: the intersection of maturing AI, machine learning, data-driven tech is producing game-changing emerging products and experiences.

Join us each month for a mind-blowing discussion of these topics from experts around the South West.

Hosted by Phil D Hall (Founder of Elzware, Technical Director of Echoborg and CTO of Artelli42) and Craig Pugsley (Creative Lead and Founder of StudioFlow).

Expect wonderful witterings on AI, machine learning, voice apps, ChatBots, AR/VR, virtual avatars and all the gloriously weird intersections of these tech.

We're a group of future-looking designers, builders, product owners, wordsmiths, content wizards, sonic wranglers, idea junkies and spiritual nomads. We are a broad church, welcoming to all who care to worship at the alter of applied computer science.

Join us.

We've also started a Slack group for this topic. Everyone is welcome to join and have a natter: JOIN HERE (https://join.slack.com/t/emergingtechs-vcn2308/shared_invite/enQtNTcyOTA1MjcwMDgzLTRkMTkwM2IzNjg1YmUyMjFhNGI0ODczYjFmZWUyM2YwZDE2YzE5NDkxZWYzYzk1YjM1NzdmOGI2MzI3Y2I3MjE)

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