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We host social and emotional intelligence workshops using the best innovations from the history of personal development (from ancient Greek philosophy to Adlerian ) taught through a combined framework of weekend trainings, groups, coaching, and the Assignment Way of Living SM to teach you what you should have learned in school—social and emotional intelligence for life and leadership.

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Personal Power

The Wright Foundation

Would you like to have more personal power in your life? Would you like to be more in control of owning your outcomes and success? You may be surprised to discover what that looks like. Personal Power is the ability to have influence on the physical, emotional, and mental realms of yourself. Becoming more aware of this kind of power can greaten every aspect of your life by replacing mistaken beliefs and rules with empowering beliefs. In this event, you will: - Understand what personal power is and how it can empower you. - Develop a vision for the next steps for your own personal development - Be introduced to the Wright Foundation’s approach to enhancing personal power

More Life Training: Experiential Workshop in Emotional Intelligence

The following registration is simply to reserve your spot, to complete your registration, please go to morelifetraining.com. Use the promo code ftmeetup to receive complimentary access! No matter how much we achieve, we all feel the beckoning of our unfulfilled potential. In this weekend workshop, learn the neuroscience, tools, and process to live with more purpose, enhance your social and emotional intelligence skills, break old habits, get the most out of your career and ultimately redirect your life. And learn to bring out your best at this truly unique weekend seminar experience. WHY ATTEND? More Life Training attendees often receive promotions, feel more confident, increase their income, and deepen their relationships. Learn the keys to: - Career success - Better leadership skills - Increased intimacy - Better ways to parent your children - An overall improved quality of life METHODOLOGY: WHY IT REALLY WORKS This training is a synthesis of research and methodology that brings together the best of human emergence tools from neuroscience, positive psychology, behavioral economics, and education. What you'll learn here derives from a multi-year research study that examined individuals who experienced sustained success in all areas of their lives. This weekend introduces you to all of these innovations to bring out your best personally and professionally. Led by the best-selling authors Dr. Judith Wright and Dr. Bob Wright, the More Life Training is based on the research and methods of their award-winning book Transform! The Science of Spectacular Living. HOW TO REGISTER: Visit www.morelifetraining.com for full details and signup. Use the promo code ftmeetup to receive complimentary access! Hope to see you there! Rachel

Transformational Leadership: Lead From the Inside Out

Wright Foundation

Create a positive life by tapping the hearts and minds of those you lead and serve. Do you want to be a transformational leader? Leadership is an inside job, and your ability to transform yourself is the secret to creating positive momentum in your, business, community, and relationships. Dr. Bob Wright presents a new way to look at leadership in terms of you – who you are, how authentic you are, and who you want to be. Discover the powerful and comprehensive model that will show you what transformational leadership looks like in your life, and how you can become the leader you were destined to be. - Impact and influence others in every situation - Build a greater self-awareness of yourself as a leader - Empower your employees, colleagues and teammate About the Speaker Dr. Bob Wright is a highly successful entrepreneur, university co-founder and professor, world-class executive coach, and dynamic corporate consultant. Known for his “Integrative Comprehensive Model of Human Development,” Dr. Wright’s work has been recognized around the globe. Bob is very ‘mediagenic’ and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. Dr. Wright is a sought after speaker for corporations and organizations looking for a dynamic, powerful, and tell-it-like-it-is style. His energizing presence has motivated individuals and corporations around the globe.

Power of Authenticity

The Wright Foundation

Hello! We're having an event on the Power of Authenticity. There will be networking with Chicago professionals from 5:30-6 pm and an educational workshop program from 6-8 pm. It's a great way to meet some new people and learn about how living more authentically can help you increase your influence and your productivity. In this dynamic workshop you’ll learn how you can be more genuine and authentic while getting better results and having more fun. Many people equate power to status, wealth, possessions or physical attributes. Come learn about true power, which comes from being more and more yourself in every moment, learning to develop and share your unique gifts and strengths to improve relationships, increase your influence, and get more satisfaction out of life. Benefits of living more purposefully: -Learn powerful techniques to create meaningful conversations and enhance your emotional intelligence -Learn the neuroscience behind living more authentically -Learn to use tangible tools to be authentic and genuine in all of your relationships. -Learn to develop and share your unique gifts and strengths See you there! Rachel

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Rockin' Relationships: Build Stronger Relationships

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