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Empathic Leaders Rise: Self-mastery for meaningful impact.

Do you crave to grow as a leader, but feel like you have to fit yourself to a certain mold? Do you feel alone in learning how to stand in your power and share your gifts to make a meaningful impact? You overextend yourself taking care of everyone's needs but your own and you inevitably find yourself holed up in your room, bingeing on Netflix, and calling it self-care.

Spoiler Alert: Building walls and numbing out is not the solution.

Empathy in action is the ability to tap into someone else's experience and hold space for it without taking it on. This is a major advantage in both business and relationships if you know how to use it effectively. As an empathic leader you are not weak, fragile or flawed — you simply pick up on the things that not everyone else does. However, self-doubt makes it very difficult to maintain healthy boundaries and balance.

This event is for caring, passionate, big-hearted individuals at all levels of leadership who are hungry to deepen their self-mastery. Whether you are an established, emerging or hidden leader – you’ve come to the right place. Join us in the ongoing healing journey that empowers us to make deeper, lasting change in the world from the inside out.

This group will meet to:

- Learn together at workshops

- Connect through talks and gatherings

- Co-create a supportive community

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