What we're about

This is a mens personal/spiritual development group. The focus is to cultivate male sexual power, masculine presence and heart-compassion. We will learn skillfulness in sex and intimacy. Challenge ourself to step into leadership and gain emotional mastery through transforming old destructive emotions.

Shadow work-

What is a shadow?

Shadows are any unclaimed, and hidden aspect of the psyche. Its what Robert Bly calles "The long bag we drag behind us". This bag that we unknowingly drag with us contains wounds, trauma, judgments, upsets and poisons. The power that shadows can have over us can be very challenging to work with. It keeps us in dualistic mind, it can keep us acting out in terribly destructive ways to any and all we relate with. Unseen shadows can keep us in suffering and ignorance. It really takes a spiritual warriors heart to break through our habitual mind, to digest the karmic imprints from that keep us from experiencing our authentic masculine power. Through gaining clarity on our shadow we can begin to clear our old reactive habits that have kept us from living our highest purpose.

The focus of this meet-up is assist men to create a toolbox for more sanity, awakening, love, health, joy,

Some of the meet-ups will include practices that cultivate our male sexual power through yogic breath and movement, and through practices designed to stretch us past our normal habits and tendencies.

We will use tools from the Tantric Buddhist path, Yogic & Taoist tradition and influences from visionaries like David Deida and Robert Moore among others..

Community- This is essential to living a kickass life. Creating a community of powerful, high integrity, honest, activated, and loyal men we know we are not alone in this intense and beautiful journey.

If you are here, you are ready to heal & grow. You are ready to be part of the global shift into the healthy masculine, to support other men on the path of spiritual warriorship.

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Advancing Men Intensives- Postponed

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Advancing Men Intensive in Berkeley CA

Rainbow Heart Studio

New Masculine Program

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