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What we’re about

This group's purpose is to learn how to overcome institutional and other daily obstacles.
Everyone is welcome. We meet on Sundays at 1 pm CDT.

We will be discussing:
1. Technology: Code, engineering, robots, cybersecurity, cryptography, ethics.
2. Leadership: Leadership skills, styles, and their backing religion and philosophy.
3. Management: assertive communication, ability to conduct sensitive conversations, ability to give clear corrective feedback, people management, and terminology.
4. Science: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Psychology, Geology, Fluid Mechanics, Data Science, and other sciences and how they interconnect with each other to enable skill transfer from one science to another.
5. How different institutions work in the USA: immigration, financial institutions, court systems, federal institutions, hospitals, colleges, and another.
6. Law: immigration, intellectual property, real estate, taxes, and EEOC
7. Daily coping skills: parenting, emotional self-regulation, self-defense, and basic survival skills in the streets, bars, forests, crime, and war zones
8. Finances: setting up 401k, investing, setting up your own exercise, company, budgeting, and getting funding.
9. Work survival skills: how to interact with management, executives, tech experts ad HR, pass interviews, etc.
10. Project management and organization.
11. Ethics and environment.
12. Art and liberal arts and how it is interconnected with the topic above.

The structure will be 20 mins tech and 20 mins soft, 20 mins answering
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