What we're about

We are a community and movement here to inspire and empower women to living their best and bigger life.

We stand behind an Active Life Philosophy. This is not all about being physically active. An Active Life Woman™ is a way of life, a way of living - choosing to stay active in all areas of our life including movement, connection, self development, self expression, creativity, growth, health, wealth, business, leadership, networks, influence, love, relationships - anything a woman can be in this 20th century.

Our platform is here to provide and attract a tribe of high vibrational woman committed to making a bold difference in their lives and in the world. We provide access to a diversity of unique events for a woman to stay active including a lot of feel good active experiences,education access, talks, masterminds, networking, workshops, workouts, classes, summits, transformational programs, ground-breaking seminars, retreats to even global conferences, marathons and festivals. Anything of all sorts, to help you stay healthy, wealthy, motivated, inspired and live your greater potential.

In this tribe and sisterhood - we move together, we sweat together, we grow together, we prosper together, we lead together - we are a movement and a way of life.

The Womenone Project ™ is here to connect and remind us that we are all one - connected as women. We are here to spread a message of Unity and Empowerment. One woman for all - all women for one - we are one.

Past events (5)

Mastermind Meetup

I AM + Limitless Office

Leadership Bootcamp

Acceler8 - Paseo de Roxas (New)

Mastermind Chapter - Intro Session

O2 Space - Coworking Space

Life Workshop

I AM + Limitless Office

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