Algorand Sydney - An intro into Pure proof-of-stake

What we'll do

Hi and welcome to Algorand Sydney!

I'm Adrian, local blockchain researcher and developer and I was fortunate enough to go to Boston in May and discover Algorand, meet the founder and learn how to use the tech.

What is Algorand.
Algorand is an innovative new blockchain system by the Turing award winning genius of Silvio Micali, inventor of Zero Knowledge proofs and a few other beautiful pieces from as early as 1985.

"Permissionless. Pure proof-of-stake. Providing immediate transaction finality. Algorand lets you build on a stable, scalable foundation you can trust."

The basically have solved the scalability trilemma. No hype, I checked the code, it's legit. It was so easy to use that I was able to use it in a hackathon that weekend and I actually won BostonBUIDL using Algorand in the first hackathon that they sponsored.

I'll go through what I know about Algorand from a higher level, what makes it special and unique. It has a very interesting system called Pure Proof of Stake that combines a number of Silvio's lifes work. Depending on the audience I'm happy to go through my AlgoMed prizewinning submission, using cryptographic proofs to ensure that medicine goes from doctor, to supplier to patient securely.

I also have a bunch of stickers that I was lucky to get my hands on, so come down and learn about this cool new innovative tech.