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Angular Melbourne
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What we'll do

It's a first Angular Melbourne meetup after a while and we hope we can get the community back together! Meet old friends and make new ones, learn about latest in Angular and find out about job opportunities.
We will start with pizza and drinks, kindly provided by our sponsor Australia Post. Then will continue with Angular News with Michel Boudreau and our speakers will take it over showcasing latest Angular 9 features including Ivy.


5:45 pm - Doors open
6:30 pm - Angular News with Michel Boudreau
6:40 pm - Talks start
7:10 pm - Short break
8:00 pm - Finishing up and going to the pub

👉 My favorite new feature in Angular 9
📣 Yogi | Developer at Shine Solutions Group

👉 What the Hell is Ivy?
📣 Siddharth Ajmera (Sydney) | Google Developer Expert in Angular | Instructor on Udemy | Full Stack JS Developer TCSinteractive

* Talk Details 👉 *
👉 "My favorite new feature in Angular 9"
This is a lightning talk.

👉 "What the Hell is Ivy?"
If you have been following the development of Angular lately, you probably encountered the word `Ivy`.

Behind this codename hides a huge work for the Angular team, and a stepping stone for the future of the framework. But it can be hard to figure out what is Ivy. Let’s find out

* Speakers 📣 *
📣 Siddharth is a Full Stack JavaScript Developer with experience in building scalable web apps using the MEAN/MERN Stack. In his free time, Siddharth is invested in answering questions on StackOverflow, writing articles on Medium, traveling or learning new skills like cooking and photography. You can find him almost anywhere on the web with "SiddAjmera"

📣 Yogi is a Developer by day and destroyer of worlds by night. A keen mind, swathes of experience in mainly front end development, and all wrapped up in the engaging charm of an chaotic evil Einstein ( "description provided by coworkers"). As many lazy persons automation and efficiency improvements are his thing to keep him happy.

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