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Welcome to The Architecting for Innovation Meet-up group.

This group was formed initially as an offshoot from the Australasian Architecture Network Group on Linkedin www.linkedin.com/groups/1822816 Then it was a group of Enterprise and Solution Architects meeting in the pub for a few beers and a chat.

Since then, we have run several formal meet-ups in Sydney and Melbourne. The subjects have changed and morphed but always with an Architecture undertone with an eye on innovation.

Meet-up subjects have included:-

• Kafka with MongoDB and Confluent

• The CIO and The Start-up Founder

• Modern apps in a microservices age

• Internet of Things in the Property Market (IoT in PropTech)

• Creating a Strategic Enterprise Architecture – from Noisy to Influential

• Building a Sustainable Opensource Ecosystem

• Unveiling the Sydney IoT Landscape

• Pragmatic Approach to Microservices and Cell-based Architecture

• Open Source Technology in an Open Architecture World

• Product across NPP and Cyber-security in The Global Payments Landscape

• FinTech Sydney - Start-up to Enterprise

• Disruptive Innovation

• FinTech

• IoT Security

• Attracting retaining Architects

• DevOps

• Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things

• Predicting The Future of Cloud

• Tom Graves Masterclass

We work hard to provide value to our community through access to pertinent market intelligence and networking platforms, creating and hosting industry thought leadership events; and presenting interesting jobs for exciting companies.

We cover a range of subjects in the Technology and Digital landscape with the focus around innovation and disruption.

If you are keen on joining a panel for any of the upcoming meet-ups, let me know.

Thanks, Andrew Blades




Upcoming events (3)

CQRS and event sourcing with Kafka

Online event

Kafka With MongoDB, Elastic and Confluent CQRS and event sourcing with Kafka Sam Harley Senior Solutions Architect MongoDB www.linkedin.com/in/samharley www.mongodb.com ‎‎ Guru Sattanathan Solutions Engineer Confluent www.linkedin.com/in/gnanaguru www.confluent.io Michael Hyatt Solution Architect Elastic www.linkedin.com/in/mchayat www.elastic.co Further details to be announced shortly.

EA for Digital - Digital for EA

Online event

At this point, we'll probably still be online for this one. I'm pleased to have Asif Gill pencilled in for this one. Asif Gill University of Technology Sydney Associate Professor | Director of Digital Strategy, Architecture & Solutions (DigiSAS) Lab www.linkedin.com/in/asifqumer Further details to be announced shortly.

Attracting, Upskilling and Retraining your Architects

Online event

Attracting, Training and Retaining your Architects This month we're going to look at the more practical side of being an architect, and you need to look for in an organisation when you are looking for your next engagement. From the employer's side, how do you attract the right architects for your organisation? Once you have them on board, what do you need to do to make sure they'are engaged and fulling their potential. Further details to follow.

Past Events

3rd Enterprise Architecture Summit (On-line)

Online event

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