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What we’re about

Welcome to The Architecting for Innovation Meet-up group.
This group was formed initially as an offshoot from the Australasian Architecture Network Group on Linkedin Then it was a group of Enterprise and Solution Architects meeting in the pub for a few beers and a chat.
Since then, we have run several formal meet-ups in Sydney and Melbourne. The subjects have changed and morphed but always with an Architecture undertone with an eye on innovation.

Meet-up subjects have included:-

  • Who needs Data Architecture anyway?
  • Architecting intelligent enterprises
  • Business Capability Modelling - Creating a performance framework Lunch and learn
  • A journey into Enterprise Architecture
  • Architecting for Governance at Scale
  • How architectures fail, and what to do about it
  • Databricks Delta Lake Deep Dive & Roadmap
  • Digital Transformation in Banking
  • Customer 360
  • EA for Digital - Digital for EA
  • CQRS and event sourcing
  • The Future of Data in a Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Practical mechanisms to align Business Architecture with Technology Architecture
  • Making sense of Data-Driven Architecture
  • Modern Data Pipelines with Kafka and MongoDB
  • Salesforce/Mulesoft with Telstra Track & Monitor
  • First meetup of 2020! Are you Well-Architected
  • Leadership, AR and (A|V|M) Crime
  • Kafka with MongoDB and Confluent
  • The CIO and The Start-up Founder
  • Modern apps in a microservices age
  • Internet of Things in the Property Market (IoT in PropTech)
  • Creating a Strategic Enterprise Architecture – from Noisy to Influential
  • Building a Sustainable Opensource Ecosystem
  • Unveiling the Sydney IoT Landscape
  • Pragmatic Approach to Microservices and Cell-based Architecture
  • Open Source Technology in an Open Architecture World
  • Product across NPP and Cyber-security in The Global Payments Landscape
  • FinTech Sydney - Start-up to Enterprise
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • FinTech
  • IoT Security
  • Attracting and retaining Architects
  • DevOps
  • Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things
  • Predicting The Future of Cloud
  • Tom Graves Masterclass

We work hard to provide value to our community through access to pertinent market intelligence and networking platforms, creating and hosting industry thought leadership events; and presenting interesting jobs for exciting companies.
We cover a range of subjects in the Technology and Digital landscape with the focus on innovation and disruption.
If you are keen on joining a panel for any of the upcoming meet-ups, let me know.


Andrew Blades  


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