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Welcome to The Architecting for Innovation Meet-up group.

This group was originally formed as an offshoot from the Australasian Architecture Network Group on Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/groups/1822816 . Then it was it was a group of Enterprise and Solution Architects meeting in the pub for a few beers and a chat.

Since then we have run a number of formal meet-up's in Sydney and Melbourne and the subjects have changed and morphed but always with an Architecture undertone with an eye on innovation.

Meet-up subjects have included:-

*Open Source Technology in an Open Architecture World

• Product across NPP and Cyber-security in The Global Payments Landscape

• FinTech Sydney - Start-up to Enterprise

• Disruptive Innovation

• FinTech

• IoT Security

• Attracting retaining Architects

• DevOps

• Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things

• Predicting The Future of Cloud

• Tom Graves Masterclass

We work hard to provide value to our community through access to pertinent market intelligence and networking platforms, creating and hosting industry thought leadership events; and presenting interesting jobs for exciting companies. This benefits our customers through access to well qualified, engaged and driven individuals.

We cover a range of subjects in the Technology and Digital landscape with the focus around innovation and disruption.

If you are keen on joining a panel for any of the upcoming meet-ups let me know.

Thanks, Andrew Blades



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MongoDB and Kafka - Sydney

MongoDB Australia

I'm really pleased to announce what we are doing for our October meet-up Full details to be fleshed out and announced shortly. But the nuts and bolts are presentations and discussions around MongoDB and Kafka. We have some superb speakers lined up drinks and snacks will be provided. Cheers Andrew

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MongoDB Australia

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Placeholder - December Meet-up

MongoDB Australia

Placeholder - December Meet-up

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The CIO and The Start-up Founder

MongoDB Australia

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