Classical Oil Painting for beginners

What we'll do

Are you passionate about creating art and would you like to improve your work?

Brisbane Art Classes believes everyone can learn traditional drawing and painting and dramatically improve their art and creativity.

We offer classes teaching the fundamental principles in representational drawing and classical painting and give you a vehicle to improve your skills every day.

With focussed guidance for beginner and advanced artists we are passionate about our artists and we will help you improve your work with classes in

Representational Drawing
Classical oil painting
Basic perspective
Colour theory
Digital painting
Master studies

Tuition is flexible and catered to the individual.

Located in Salisbury South-East Queensland, Brisbane Art Classes is definitely worth visiting if you love Traditional painting and the great history of art from the Renaissance.
In addition to normal semester classes short courses and workshops will be offered throughout the year. You may leave your details on the contact page to be informed of events.

Painting Materials required
wooden palette
2-3 brushes
odourless solvent
rag or absorbent paper
Titanium white, Cadmium yellow or similar, Cadmium red or similar, Ultramarine blue, Viridian
A3 sized Canvas or there abouts

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