BFPG - Elm Edition

What we'll do

The Elm Experience : Andrew Newman

Elm is said to be that promised land of usability and maintainability between Haskell and JavaScript.

For the last two years, up to 4 of us, have been migrating away from Angular and JavaScript to Elm. From 0 to 50,000 lines of Elm in 2 years.

We will go through our experiences with Elm:

- How it is for beginners, FAQs and problems,
- It compiles, it works!
- Patterns to scale your application,
- Is it good for web development?
- How well does it teach FP?
- Drawbacks and solutions (if any)
- Elm 0.18 -> 0.19

Building Elm SPAs - Joshua Smith

Josh is the team lead at Blue Dog Training, a local Brisbane company that heavily uses Elm for their frontends. While Andrew's talk is going to be an experience report, Josh's will focus on that specific method(s) that they use successfully at bluedog.