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Brisbane Life Coaching  & neurological repatterning Meetup
Brisbane Life Coaching & neurological repatterning Meetup
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Brisbane City Council Library

266 George Street (up from Queen St Mall) · Brisbane

How to find us

Ask security. The library closes at 6pm so get there a few mins early.

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What we'll do

Nothing is better than a relationship filled with love and Passion. Often when you are in a new relationship you feel alive and fulfilled in every way. Is it possible to get that back, or is it possible to never let the passion die in the first place?

In this 2 hour workshop you will be introduced to three resistors that prevent you from having and enjoying the relationship that you desire. (There are 3 resistors, and these resistors cause you to settle for connection when you really want love. These resistors cause you to focus your energy on other things like work or health. These resistors cause you to become more selfish, and egocentric in your views and in your relationship. These resistors prevent you from investing time and energy into the relationship).

We will discuss your love drugs. Your brain is a pharmaceutical factory that produces and dispenses chemicals via the hyper-thalamus.

We will also discuss passion, intimacy and commitment, which are all necessary as you build a firm foundation with your lover. We will also discuss Consummate love, which is a very high level of love, and one that you really do want. How do I know this? One of our human needs is love. It is not a luxury, it is a need!

If you are in a relationship or on the prowl, If you have been divorced or have never been in a committed relationship, or perhaps have not had the dating or relationship opportunities that you desire, this workshop will be helpful as we explore relationships together.

If you are single, learn all that you can about relationships so that when you meet someone that causes your heart to skip a beat, you will better understand what is happening. When it comes to having a successful relationship selection is about 80%. Learning and practicing simple principles will help you to develop the tools to begin your relationship with a better understanding of how to build a solid foundation. Then you can create the relationship that you desire. The best way to predict the future is to create it. If we have time we will practice some really fun dating tools.

If you are in a relationship, or marriage, there are tools available here that when applied will help you to enhance your relationship beyond belief. NLP tools can be used to build deep rapport, and enhanced communication . You will discover that your lover and you both have a sexual blueprint, and as you learn and fulfil the sexual desires of your lover the passion and pleasure inside your relationship will be magnified.

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