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Brisbane Life Coaching  & neurological repatterning Meetup
Brisbane Life Coaching & neurological repatterning Meetup
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Logan Hyperdome Library

66-70 Mandew St · Shailer Park

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lower level. Carpeted area.

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• What we'll do .....

Energy is defined as the strength and vitality required to sustain physical or mental activity.

Energy is required to fuel our body and to stimulate our mind. Does energy come from the food we eat, or does it come from the mind?

You have heard stories of incredible individuals who were able to push through fatigue, exhaustion, hunger and other deprivations to reach their goal. Athletic individuals hit the wall, and push through the wall. In the Queensland Police Service (QPS) if a member wants to qualify for the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT), he or she must undergo a final test that involves deprivation of food, shelter and sleep over a period of three days. The test is extremely difficult and many (more than 50%) fail. What does it take to succeed?

The answer is mental toughness and the will to succeed. Energy abounds in those who have a big enough “WHY”. Those who survived concentration camps attest that survival is a mental, and not a physical condition. Even when the body lacks nutrition and fuel for energy, the body has backup systems and is still able to somehow produce energy.

In understanding energy, you first need to KNOW that your mind plays an integral part in determining your energy levels. Therefore, you could conclude that the energy in your body is ultimately determined by your mind. There is a lot to be said for positive thinking, motivation, determination and commitment. Positive thinking, motivation, determination and commitment are all derivatives of decisions. Once you make a decision you direct your energy. The saying is "Where focus goes energy flows". Once you have make a decision and commit with your heart, mind, body and spirit, you have effectively cut off everything that would drag you down.

Decisions are very powerful, especially when used with NLP techniques.
When your conscious mind, and your unconscious mind are working in harmony together, you are able to surge light-years forward in your progress.

Will power is not enough. Your unconscious mind and your addictions and habits are too strong. Where will power fails, NLP tools really do succeed.

On expert says that if you have more than 20kg's of weight (fat) on your body is body armour. Its an emotional condition rather than a lifestyle related condition.

Lifestyle choices matter very much, and yet some people who choose healthy options die young, while others who abuse their bodies seem to life forever.

The body is an incredible machine that can withstand tremendous abuse in the form of poor food and lifestyle choices. If you make poor food adn lifestyle choices over an extended period of time you will erode your health. A toxic lifestyle will lead to sickness, disease, and pain.

At this meetup ...

I will share how I lost 12 kg in 5 weeks, and got my abs back.
Increased energy by 2 hours every day.
Broke all of my health and fitness Personal BESTS at age 40-41. (Best shape of my life).

-How neurological re-patterning your mind to create REAL WORLD RESULTS in health.
-The fastest way to produce Increased Energy in your body.
-How to Get and maintain your dream body.
-The order and sequence of your health values, and how that effects your behaviour and results

• What to bring
Pen and notebook.

• Important to know
Learn the secrets that helped me to...

Get Abs, Increased energy, increase vitality, increase will power.


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