$1 Partner Dancing Lesson Southside

What we'll do

Whaaaaat? $1 dollar dance lesson??? 😱🤑💃🕺
Yes it is indeed. We are giving you NO excuse to come & try something that is going to change your life in an awesome way forever ;)

Learning the partner dancing has so many benefit for you which we are going to list just a few for you here ;)

✔ It is a Fun way to keep fit
✔ It is a nice way to meet new people & make new friends
✔ It gives you so much confidence & increase your social skills
✔ It opens up a new world where you can travel with it.
✔ And it is super friendly, healthy & affordable
✔ You don't need a a partner to come to classes
✔ And It is for Everyone <3

Now that we know those fact let's talk about Zouk and why we, lots and lots of dancers in Brisbane think it is a wonderful style. :)

Well, Brazilian Zouk is one of the most versatile of the Latin dance styles in its music and movements, and the style is what you make of it! Zouk can be flowy and sensual, or funky, fun and upbeat. But the most striking thing about Zouk is that it can be danced to almost all the top 40s. How wonderful is that, dancing to your favourite tunes on the radio! ;)

Plus you get to be part of a beautiful, caring and friendly community here in Brisbane where you get to enjoy experiencing new things with new friends, travelling and spending the weekend doing something that makes you feel happy and that is dancing ♥

You want to know more about it?! no worries, check our website for all the information, videos and more... :)


When: Tuesday 15th Aug
Where: East Brisbane Stat School ( 56 Wellington rd, East Brisbane)
Time: 5.45 pm
Everyone is welcome. :)

You are not convinced yet?! Well come to our first classes and see it all for yourself, you are not going to lose a thing, well just a dollar🤣