Frequency Music and Sound Meditation in South Perth

Buddhism for Beginners in Perth
Buddhism for Beginners in Perth
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South Perth Learning Centre

South Terrace · South Perth

How to find us

Its the building on the lower level next to the playing fields.

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What we'll do

Are you ready to take your relaxation to a whole new level of enjoyment?

Come along to our Group Frequency Flow - Music and Sound Meditation Sessions .
It’s musical meditation without the effort!

Music and Sound have been used for thousands of years for their entertainment and healing properties. It is now well known that Sound can help people to balance their energy and calm their mind.

Precious People Group Sessions use Tibetan Singing Bowls and Frequency Minded Music played at volume through a surround sound subwoofer speaker system. The music tracks are specifically chosen to enrich your sensory experience with the vibration and connect to the music.

These sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities and may be received either sitting or lying down.

There are many health and wellness benefits to experiencing the vibration and frequency of sound:
● Pain or tension relief
● Deeper relaxation and meditation
● Improved sleep
● Eases anxiety and stress
● Promotes joy and fun

Each Group Sound Session lasts for about an hour. The playlist and intention for each session is intuitively selected, with the added bonus of having the Tibetan Singing bowls played over you as you awaken from your relaxed meditative state.

Investment, $20 or $15 concession