Play reading: Love's Labour's Lost (first half)

What we'll do

At this reading we will read the first half of "Love's Labour's Lost". Margaret will be hosting this reading at her house in Kambah. Due to the sparsity of lines, this play is best read with no more than 7 readers. As such only 7 members can attend this reading, unlike our usual 8 member limit.

I will be assigning a member the position of bringing supper to share after the play is finished.

Below is some stuff you have to read but many people don't. Don't be like them. Read this:
In order to attend this reading it is essential that you:

1. Contact Laura informing her of your email address. In the interest of privacy, the details of each hosts' address is only given out via direct contact with Laura. Please do this when you RSVP as not to cause a delay when character lists are sent out. As of March 2018, new members who have not sent their email by the RSVP close time will be removed from the reading. It is their individual responsibility to make sure they have sent it by their next reading.

2.Select characters from the selection emailed to the group on the Monday or Tuesday of a reading week.

3. Make sure your RSVP is correct and if it does need to be changed, is done as soon as possible. RSVPs close at 6:30 pm on the Monday of a reading week. If you miss the deadline, you can only attend if someone drops out. We understand that things change at a moment's notice but please advise us directly as soon as possible if you must change your RSVP status. Each reading is limited to 8 people, after which a waiting list is formed. Cancelling your RSVP late doesn't give those on the waiting list a lot of time to prepare themselves and the group organiser has to rework the entire character list, a task that is time consuming and affects all other attendees.

If you need to change your RSVP after you have been sent a character list, you absolutely must contact Laura directly to inform her of the change. Changing your RSVP on Meet Up only is not enough. Notifications are not sent to the organiser when someone changes their RSVP so if you change your RSVP after the parts go out, it is likely that no one will notice the change.

As of 2019, readings open for RSVPs three weeks prior to the event. This is to give all members a fair chance to sign up to future readings.

4. All members must bring their own copy of the play being read. Shakespeare's works are readily available online. As some print editions have small print, it is advised that you choose or amend a text that allows you to read most comfortably. It does not matter which version or edition you read from.

5. As of 2018, a gold coin donation is asked of each member at every reading they attend. Donations can be given to the host of the reading. This is to cover the fees associated with using the Meet Up site and are paid every six months.

By submitting a 'yes' RSVP you declare that you agree to these terms and will abide to them. and will abide to them.