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Calling all Data Driven Thinkers of Melbourne. If you have a genetic mutation that enables you to think with the power of Data, then this group is made for you. Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Database Professionals, Developers, Programmers, Coders, Neuro Scientists, Big Data Professionals, or absolutely anyone who is passionate about the power of Data, this is your group. If you love technology and get excited about drones, artificial-intelligence, holograms or colonizing Mars, this is your group. If you consider yourself the chosen one, this is definitely your group.

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Practical Approaches to Mathematical Tools: Support Vector Machines

Microsoft Melbourne office

Abstract: Support Vector Machines (SVM) are a machine learning algorithm for data scientists to solve regression and classification problems. While the mathematical theory behind SVMs is deep, there are a number of practical advantages that are often overlooked. Even if SVMs are not your algorithm of choice, this talk will discuss a number of ways to enhance the explainability and stakeholder acceptance of machine learning algorithms in general. Speaker Bio: Dr Craig Savage has worked in a number of technical fields, including rocket science and bringing sight to the blind. He has experience in Credit Risk at NAB and ANZ, and is currently a Specialist Master at Deloitte. His professional interests include data analysis, data visualisation and, more importantly, driving evidence-based decisions and actions.

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Ethical Practices in Analytics & AI

Microsoft Melbourne office

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