Civic Tech YVR #14 | Culture and the Digital Economy & Political Campaigning 101

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Civic Tech YVR #14 | Culture and the Digital Economy & Political Campaigning 101

Welcome back to the 14th Civic Tech YVR Meetup! We hope everyone is enjoying the Fall season and we're excited to get back into digging into the overlap between technology and public life. This month we're interested in culture and the digital economy.

We're proud to be hosting Alberto Lusoli, who is a PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University, School of Communication. Before embarking on his research journey he spent almost ten years working in startups and digital agencies. His current research project, Labora is aimed at exploring the cultural dimension of the startup economy, particularly in Vancouver. Currently, Alberto is studying how people working in startups maintain employment and mobility within the fluid labour market of the network economy. Alberto will be presenting his research so far on this topic.

Next, Leah Bae will present a "Political Campaigning 101" lightning talk on political targeting and how a political campaign works with a particular focus on how technology is used to accomplish campaign goals. Leah is a digital strategist for political and advocacy campaigns and a co-founder of Civic Tech Vancouver. Over the past seven years she has worked on campaigns in Canada and the UK and US. More on Leah:

Following these talks and Q&A sessions the floor is open to all - anyone looking for support for their initiatives is free to share and make asks of the community. There will be ample time for discussion.

If you're reading this and doubting whether you're 'civic' or 'techie' enough, fret not. Everyone is welcome to come listen, learn, and participate at any skill level. We're here to make these topics more accessible. We seek to contribute to civic good through technology, data, design, policy, advocacy, citizen engagement... the list goes on. If any of that is of interest to you, you should come!

A huge thank you to our venue partner, STAT Search Analytics!

6:30pm - Doors open
7:00pm - Welcome, Civic Tech YVR introductions
7:15-7:45pm - Alberto Lusoli
7:45-8:00pm - Q&A
8:00-8:05pm - Break
8:05-8:15pm - Leah Bae
8:15-8:25pm - Q&A
8:25pm - Announcements
8:30pm - End