ComponentsConf - Workshop Day - Angular | AWS Aplify + React | VueJS | Cypress

ComponentsConf - Web Components | React | Angular | VueJS
ComponentsConf - Web Components | React | Angular | VueJS
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Get up to speed with the latest tips and tricks or learn a new technology stack from JavaScript experts in world-class workshops on ComponentsConf 2019 Workshop Day

​Tickets to the workshops are sold separately from the conference tickets.

----- Workshop Day | 9 September 2019 -----
(* Times are subject to change)

--- 🕐 *9:30 am - 5:30 pm ---
👉 NgRx: A Reactive State of Mind
📣 Mike Ryan - NgRx Core Team, Google Developer Expert
🎫 $490 + GST

Come learn NgRx straight from the Angular team!
Mike Ryan, who is one of creators of NgRx, a Core NgRx team member, Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, will show you a ground-up approach to building scalable applications using the NgRx architecture.

This workshop teaches you both how to use NgRx and how to think “reactively” when building applications. Walk through the fundamentals of NgRx with in-depth discussion, exercises, and code labs. Learn about writing actions to describe your application flows, reducers to handle state changes, and effects to communicate with your backend APIs. Whether you’ve just started learning or you are already building applications with NgRx there will be something for you.

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--- 🕐 *9:30 am - 5:30 pm ---
👉 Building your first Fullstack Serverless App with AWS Amplify, GraphQL & React
📣 Gerard Sans - Google Developer Expert & Developer Advocate at AWS
🎫 $490 + GST

In this workshop we will be introducing AWS Amplify a modern toolchain, libraries and UI components to build modern Fullstack Serverless Apps. You will be building a fully featured Application from development to production.
Topics we will be covering:
- Introduction to AWS Amplify
- Designing a GraphQL API
- Building the client and running queries and mutations
- Adding real-time subscriptions and handling notifications
- Adding offline support

Target Audience:
You already know or want to learn about GraphQL and are curious about Fullstack Serverless Applications. You are excited to learn new features & tooling.

--- 🕐 *9:30 am - 1:30 pm ---
👉 Modern Web Application Testing with Cypress
📣 Amir Rustamzadeh - Senior Developer at
🎫 $250+ GST

Come and learn about end-to-end testing with Cypress from one of its senior developers!
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--- 🕐 *2:00 pm - 6:00 pm ---
👉 From Legacy to Legendary - Modernising Your Angular App
📣 Erin Zimmer - Google Developer Expert in Web Tech
🎫 $250+ GST

Today we're going to look at a strategy for upgrading these kinds of apps. We're going to start with an Angular 1.4 app, using gulp and ES3, tightly coupled to a Java backend using Maven as the build system. By the end of the day, we'll have a nice hybrid app, using Angular 8, TypeScript and Webpack via the Angular CLI.

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--- 🕐 *2:00 pm - 6:00 pm ---
👉 VueVixens | Free & only for those who identifies as a woman
📣 Natalia Tepluhina - VueJS Core Team, Google Developer Expert
🎫 Free for some conference attendees

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