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Alternative Data For Automated Trading Systems

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Hi All,

This time we have an exciting talk by Nick Wienholt on how to use alternative, unstructured data in automated trading systems. Nick has extensive experience in this area from investment banking and sports betting and it will be extremely valuable for people who want to improve their trading systems and make more use of artificial intelligence.

Please note that the location has changed since Fishburners does not have any rooms available at the moment.

Here is how Nick describes it with his own words:

In the never-ending search for a market edge, the use of alternative data is increasingly important. In addition, in some trading domains like sport betting, 'alternative' data is the only data source available. Alternative data typically has many or all of the 4 Vs that characterise big data - volume, variety, velocity and veracity. Dealing with this big data challenge requires new tools and architectures.This presentation will focus on the design and implementation of building a trading system that captures, processes and generates trades based on alternate data. Based on the real-world experience of designing and implementing the engineering aspects of a large scale sport betting system, Nick will look at how significant advances in data processing and handling, open source, and cloud computing make itpossible to cut-the-cord from a high price data feed and develop trading systems that can ingest new and lucrative data sources.

Hope to see you all there.


Level 1, 125 York Street · Sydney