Data Engineering Melbourne Meetup - November 2019

What we'll do

Let's do some more data engineering talks, networking and knowledge sharing!

Speaker : Jason Godden

High performance real-time data with ClickHouse

Abstract: ClickHouse is a high performance Open Source data store built by Yandex (Russian Google). We'll explore it's features in terms of it's extreme performance and the data engineering patterns that enable streaming of hundreds of millions of events/s and analytics of 10s of billions of metrics/s in real-time on a single machine.

About Jason:

Jason Godden is a high performance analytics focused specialist/consultant. He is currently focused on enabling research activities within the nbn Chief Technology Office with High Performance Computing on trillions of events.

Message to the Audience:

We will also have time after the talk(s) for a community noticeboard where folks will have around 60 seconds to pitch their wares - if you've got an awesome data job going or you are available to fill an awesome job or even that you've found a great open source tool that we should all be contributing to, this will be the time to let us know!

Future Talks:

Let us know if you've got something to talk about for the future meetups. Talks can run anywhere from 5-30 min. All skill levels welcome to present something - just about everything is new to someone!