How to implement accessibility practices in digital world? with Garima Mehta

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“Accessibility is the real test of your ability to empathize.”

As a matter of fact, a large part of people that we consider normal is challenged in some way or the other. Maybe simply due to their environment, like walking in bright daylight decreases their ability to see the mobile screen.

While designing our products we need to foolproof our solution to make them usable despite the challenges of our users.

Let’s learn more about accessibility with Garima Mehta, Sr. Lead- Experience Design at Infosys-Digital Experience Lab. She is passionate about designing for Differently abled & Inclusive digital products, she also volunteers her time with the Diversity & Inclusion team for creating accessibility awareness.

In this session with Garima,

we will explore some quick tools and techniques to enhance product experiences for people with different abilities by:

✅ Understanding a wider audience
✅ Assistive technologies and touchpoints
✅ Finding gaps in the product
✅ Enhancing product experience

Join us live on January 31, 2021, i.e. Sunday to learn more about accessibility with Garima.

This Session is co-hosted by Design Jungle and Design Sundays