• Future of Blockchain | #DisruptorsInTech Sydney

    You need your Eventbrite ticket to attend: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/future-of-blockchain-disruptorsintech-sydney-tickets-67956950067 Session 1 The Future of Blockchain and AI Blockchain is having a significant impact in society today, while we associate it with Bitcoin, the fundamental benefits of blockchain are quiet revolutionary. Gavin will be discussing the technology in detail and how it can be applied to Data Governance, Privacy, Single Source of truth in your organisation. While blockchain has been perceived along with the impacts of bitcoin, do come along to understand how this technology works in your business and the significant impacts it can make in your business today. If you are a business leader, technologist or just interested in its inner workings do come along for a very exciting insight into the technology. Speaker: Gavin Whyte, Data Scientist at Deloitte Gavin is a seasoned Data Scientist, executive, leader and strategist. He is an an expert in business communications, product and process design relating to DataScience space. He focuses in Data Science models for predictive capabilities. Session 2 Can Blockchain and Privacy coexist? In this presentation Marta will discuss how Blockchain can enhance the privacy of individuals by solving current technology pain points – including centralisation and honeypots of data. She will talk about new challenges that blockchain presents with respect to managing privacy compliance risks and practical recommendations to reducing privacy compliance risks using blockchain capabilities eg: who is the Data Controller in a consortium, and exercising the right to erasing data. Speaker: Marta Ganko, Executive Manager, Privacy at Westpac Marta is a privacy thought leader with a technology background. Marta has a unique combination of skills including business analysis, technology delivery, data governance as well as in-depth privacy regulatory knowledge. She has a passion for educating both consumers and organisations on privacy risks and provides a customer-centric view to privacy. Marta has served clients across many sectors, in particular the Financial Services, Telecommunications and the Non for Profit sectors. AGENDA: 5.30 PM - 6.00 PM | Networking + Pizza & Drinks 6.00 PM - 6.30 PM | Session 1 + Q&A 6.30 PM - 6.50 PM | Break 6.50 PM - 7.20 PM | Session 2 + Q&A 7.20 PM - 7.45 PM | Wrap up Share your thoughts and pictures using: #DisruptorsInTech