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Rolling your own with Joe Albahari

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What we'll do

What's the fastest way to talk to another process? Without pipes or any networking protocol?

Tonight, we're going to build a communications library entirely on shared memory. We'll first discuss the practical motivation, as well as the broader principle of when it's appropriate to roll your own library, and the single most important trick in making such projects viable.

We'll then start coding, and show some practical uses for stuff you might not use every day - including expression trees, pointers, and lock-free synchronization.

About Joe

Joe is a software architect, author and speaker with extensive experience in design and programming.

He's keenly involved in C# and LINQ, and is the author of the popular book "C# 6.0 in a Nutshell". He also wrote LINQPad, which has since become a full-time business.

Joe speaks regularly at conferences and user groups.