"Impostor Syndrome" Panel

Feminist Hack ATX
Feminist Hack ATX
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What we'll do

Join us for the panel event, "Impostor Syndrome"--how it affects our professional lives and strategies for coping with self-doubt.

We often hear from Feminist Hack members that they feel like they don't belong in their workplace or aren't qualified to have their job. At the event, you'll have an opportunity to hear stories and insights from a panel of tech professionals on finding professional success amid the feeling of being an impostor. Featured Panelists:

- Holly Gibson, Developer, Praxent
- Roman Gonzalez, CEO & Founder, Gardenio
- Crystal Hansen, CEO & Founder, SameWorks
- Taylor McCaslin, Product Manager- Mobile, Duo Security
- Venus Piñeyro De Hoyos, Sr. Manager Enterprise Governance, General Motors
- Prachi Singhania, Software Developer, MCA Connect