Fenders August

What we'll do

Join us for a very special pre-DDD August edition of Fenders - this month we have three amazing speakers, Mike Cann, Ben Lowry and David Neal.

RSVP now as spots are limited!!

Doors will open at 5:30pm, with presentations starting around 6.00pm. Please arrive prior to 6:00pm to ensure you can gain access to the building.

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Please be sure to familirise yourself with our Code of Conduct (https://www.meetup.com/Front-End-Web-Developers-Perth/messages/boards/thread/51596276 ) if you have not already done so.


BEN LOWRY - Developer (Readify)
Forget your passwords with the Web Authentication API

The Web Authentication API allows you to build passwordless login or registration using your phone or a hardware token.

We'll run through some of the benefits of this new browser feature and demonstrate a login experience that's easier and safer for your users.


MIKE CANN - Co-founder & CTO (Markd.co)
Infer Typescript

Typescript was announced in October 2012 and since then it has gone from strength to strength adding more and more features and flexibility to the language to cope with the ever changing javascript ecosystem. I only started seriously playing with the type system in Typescript last year and was absolutely blown away by the power hidden behind the magic syntactic soup.

In this talk I want to dispel some of that magic by taking a deep dive into the type system focusing on some of the more powerful features such as "keyof", "infer" and conditional types. I hope this will be a fun talk that will involve not many slides, a lot of code and perhaps a little audience participation.


DAVID NEAL - Senior Developer Advocate (Okta)
JavaScript: Hey Y'all Watch This!

Ah, JavaScript! Like it or not, it’s a “tragically important” language that is “eating the world.” Hate it? Love it? Avoid it? Embrace it?

This talk is a parade of face-palm JavaScript fails, history of JavaScript, why it is the way that it is, how it's getting better, and bad jokes sure to get an eye-roll from everyone! Along the way, we may even learn a few mistakes to avoid and tips to make our own JavaScript less terrible!