Carrots Zurich #15: IT Career in Startups & Game Development

What we'll do

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18:20 - Introduction

18:45 - How to build your tech career through startups (Carol Hamer)

19:15 - Networking & Apero

19:30 - Game Development in Switzerland (Alice Ruppert)

20:00 - Networking & Apero


How and why to build your tech career through startups - Carol Hamer, CTO, Eaternity

Are you up to the challenge of building software at a startup? Startup jobs come with hard work and risks yet offer unparalleled opportunities for experience. You can build your IT career by growing the IT department of a small company - Carol Hamer explains how.

About Carol:
Carol Hamer has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and nearly 20 years experience in Software Engineering. She has written three books on Java programming and is currently CTO of Eaternity AG.


Game Development in Switzerland: An Introduction - Alice Ruppert, Lead Game Developer, N-Dream

Switzerland has been making a name for itself in game development circles as a country that produces few, but artful and innovative game projects.

What is happening in the Swiss Game Development Scene? How does one become a game developer in Switzerland? What does the future look like for game development and what is its artistic and economic value?

About Alice:
Alice is a game developer and writer. She is part of AirConsole, a Zurich-based startup creating a web-based gaming platform for party games. Her tasks include gameplay programming and project management for third party titles.