The First Golang Adelaide Meetup 2019

Golang Adelaide
Golang Adelaide
Public group

Minor Works Building

22 Stamford Ct · Adelaide

How to find us

Loft (Upper Floor)

Location image of event venue

What we'll do

The City Of Adelaide agreed to let us hire the Loft of the Minor Works Building, so we can finally meet :)


Talk 1: Intro to hyperledger and Blockchain

Callan, Marc and Matt from Cryptocate, a blockchain consultancy in Adelaide, will be introducing an open source blockchain technology -
Hyperledger. They will talk about blockchain and its applications, as well as programming Hyperledger smart contracts in Golang.

Talk 2: Accidentally starting a community project in Go

Dan Kortschak will be talking about the accident of coming to write a suite of scientific software and how that works with Go, and some design principles in Gonum that deviate from idiomatic Go.

Talk 3: Golang: Eight Ways To Exit Through The Gift Shop

Ross Williams will be talking about how it's common, when writing a Go function, to have to execute cleanup code before exiting the function, and Go provides the "defer" statement to support this. But did you know that there are seven other ways to organize cleanup code on the way out of a Go function? In this presentation, Ross will go through each of the eight ways that I have identified to 'exit through the gift shop' on the way out of a function, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method.