Bare Rock / Mt Cordeaux

What we'll do


Time: Approximately 4.5 hours walking time

Grade: Class 4

Start time 10.00 am Meet up 9.50 am.

Walk Leader Warwick[masked]

Car Pooling: Meet at Nerang Fair 74 - 98 Beaudesert-Nerang Rd or Homeworld Helensvale for combined car pooling. Meet 7.50 am leave 8.00 am.

Please give driver $10. This is a long drive but well worth it.

Mount Cordeaux (1135m above sea level) is known to Aboriginal people as 'Niamboyoo'. Branching off the Rainforest circuit, the track zigzags through rainforest to the exposed upper slopes, ending at a lookout on the southern side. The cliff face of Mount Cordeaux is spectacular in spring when the giant spear lilies Doryanthes palmeri are in flower.

Remain on the track, stay behind fences, away from cliff edges

Detouring west of the peak of Mount Cordeaux, the track to Bare Rock (1168m above sea level) crosses a rocky saddle north of the peak and re-enters rainforest before ending with a brief scramble to a rocky outcrop. From here there are spectacular views over the northern section of the park. Two varieties of tree fern grow near the track and Albert's lyrebirds can be heard in the winter months.

The 350m Morgans Walk track leaves the Bare Rock track 680m before Bare Rock and ends in a grove of montane heath.

After the walk we can have a coffee at Aratula.

Medical emergency: Please carry some first aid with you on every walk. As a minimum it should be a good 100m strong crape bandage. In chemists from $10-12), elastoplasts, medical tape, plus anything you consider an essential. Accidents can a DO happen on our walks, don’t think it won’t be me and don’t expect others to be carrying your emergency supplies if you do have a mishap. A strong bandage to support a badly twisted/sprained ankle will get you home safely or a broken one back in less pain and agony. Remember we are responsible for our own self and that includes emergency procedures.

Our Risk Management Plan can be found at: