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Planetary Healers Gold Coast
Planetary Healers Gold Coast
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Hi everyone
All are welcome, friends included, to our monthly meditation where we focus on planetary and personal healing. We have creates a Planetary City of Light here on the Gold Coast and an Ocean Reserve of Light in the Pacific Ocean off the coast. We have guided meditations which include balancing and sending healing to Gaia. By doing these meditations we raise the frequency of our own vibration. So, not only to we help heal the planet but, by utilising fifth dimensional frequencies in our meditations, we also heal ourselves.
The Planetary Cities of Light project is one of the main focuses for the Ascension of the Earth. The idea of the Planetary Cities of Light focuses on setting up protective energies around each city and in terms of the Earth Changes this protection will provide an insurance that the city will remain intact and that the city will not be breached by lower consciousness energy. In fact the circle of light around the city is great protection and also great magnetic attraction of the 5th dimensional energy. (Juliano, Transcript of the Planetary Cities of Light Coordination Project - August 24, 2011)
We have planted crystals around the city which have been activated by the Arcturians. We meet each month to re-activate these crystals either at one of the sites where the crystals have been planted or at one of the members homes. We look forward to welcoming you to the next meditation. Blessings Jane